SketchAR APK MOD (Premium Unlocked) v6.44.3

SketchAR APK MOD (Premium Unlocked) v6.44.3

Category: Art & Design
Draw, Paint, Sketch anywhere
Name Sketchar: Learn to Draw
Publisher Sketchar Inc
Version 6.45.1-play
Compatible with 7.0
Updated Jun 8, 2023
MOD Premium Unlocked
Size 153 MB
Offical Link PlayStore

What is AR, the main technology that SketchAR is based on?

Have you ever played Pokemon Go on mobile? You drag the real scene around and you will see a Pokemon appear waiting for you to catch. This is the best example of AR technology. AR is a combination of the real world with virtual information. They blend into one and create a completely virtual thing like VR (Virtual Reality). In AR, users can freely interact with virtual content by touching, catching, adjusting…

Let’s see how AR is applied to SketchAR. Through the smartphone camera with built-in AR technology, you will see the AR sketch right in front of their eyes. From there, you just need to take a pencil, follow the virtual lines that appear on the paper step by step until you finish it. This is common practice with professional artists when they need to extend their sketches on large surfaces such as walls.

Built-in AI to edit portraits

In case you want to turn a portrait image into a sketch but want everything to be automatic (without having to manipulate too much), SketchAR can also do it. This application has integrated AI intelligent editing using a database learned from countless different faces in the world. Your smartphone will quickly be able to turn a real picture into an artistic sketch, like what you often see from street artists.

Don’t know how to draw yet? No need to worry!

SketchAR has a wide range of drawing courses for all levels. You can learn to draw step by step. Get started with beginner course sets. Or when you’re at a certain level, there are always courses to help you delve deeper into each topic, or simply improve your drawing skills. Like specializing in sketching portraits or anime, learning to draw animals, graffiti, or natural scenes…

Interesting mini-games

Its mini-games all have the same purpose of helping you practice creativity and other useful skills. So that when you sketch, you will be easier to approach and make it done.

Share images and turn them into works of art with economic value

After completing a work, you can share it with friends all over the social networks or on SketchAR’s community. Work created with SketchAR also comes with a fast-forward video of your entire drawing process. This video is automatically saved in each person’s app profile.

You can even turn your artwork into an NFT (digital asset) to participate in the NFT markets. They will be treated like real-life artwork, can be put up for sale, or to some extent can be auctioned for impressive sums.

A detailed set of drawing tools with specific instructions

When you don’t want to draw on paper with the help of AR in SketchAR, you can also practice sketching with the built-in drawing tools. And this toolkit has a lot of detail in it. But without proper training or detailed instructions, it is difficult to understand all at once.

I’ve known many people who sketch skillfully with only a single pencil in real life. For these guys, when using SketchAR where there are too many types of pens, it will be easy to get confused. To solve this problem, SketchAR also offers a smart solution that I like and appreciate: the drawing tools here are divided into necessary stages. For example, you will decide when to use a pencil, when to use a marker or a brush, etc. This makes it a lot less confusing for beginners or those new to the many drawing tools.


To achieve the best effect and the most complete display, you need to find a well-lit environment because every AR technology itself requires a certain light source. The accompanying drawing paper should be used in the form of a clipboard to avoid shifting. And when drawing, it is necessary to keep the phone as fixed as possible to avoid AR interruption.

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Installation Requirements: 7.0
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