BloodBox Mod APK (Remove ads)

BloodBox Mod APK (Remove ads)

Category: Simulation
Sandbox with realistic physics and gore
Name BloodBox
Publisher playducky com
Compatible with 5.1
Updated Aug 25, 2023
MOD No Ads
Size 310.05 MB
Offical Link PlayStore

🔥BloodBox: Ultimate Zombie Battle Arena🔥 – Immerse yourself in an adrenaline-pumping 3D action game where you'll take on hordes of zombies, ruthless bad guys, and drive epic vehicles in a chaotic world! Build your own maps, unleash devastating weapons, and experience mind-blowing physics & body damage for a thrilling gaming experience! 🔥

🔫 Realistic Graphics & Physics: Feel every gunshot, explosion, and impact with stunning visuals and lifelike physics, delivering a fully immersive gaming experience!

💥 Intense Zombie & Bad Guy Battles: Fight waves of ferocious zombies and merciless bad guys using a vast arsenal of weapons, gadgets, and combat moves!

🚗 Epic Vehicle Action: Drive and customize powerful cars, trucks, and more to race, smash, and plow through the battlefield!

🔨 Build Your Own Maps: Unleash your creativity and design custom maps with unique layouts, obstacles, and challenges!

💣 Explosive Gameplay: Create total chaos with an array of explosive weapons, like grenades, rocket launchers, and C4, to decimate your enemies and the environment!

🥩 Body Damage System: Witness gruesome and realistic body damage as you tear through your enemies and leave them in a bloody mess!

🎮 Easy & Customizable Controls: Enjoy intuitive controls, customizable to your preferred playstyle, for a seamless gaming experience!

🏆 Leaderboards & Achievements: Compete with players worldwide and prove your skills in the ultimate zombie battle arena!

Download BloodBox: Ultimate Zombie Battle Arena NOW and become the ultimate survivor in a world filled with chaos, destruction, and endless fun! 🌍🧟💥

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Installation Requirements: 5.1
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