FiLMiC Pro 6.20.5 ( Unlocked)

FiLMiC Pro 6.20.5 ( Unlocked)

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The professional choice of Oscar-winning directors
Name FiLMiC Pro: Mobile Cine Camera
Publisher Filmic Inc
Version 7.0.1
Compatible with 7.0
Updated Dec 1, 2022
MOD Premium Unlocked
Size 97.1 MB
Offical Link PlayStore

FiLMiC Pro APK (MOD Unlocked) is an application that supports professional filming and video for mobile phones. Download this app to save your daily funny moments.

FiLMiC Pro: Mobile Cine Camera

FiLMiC Pro: Mobile Cine Camera

FiLMiC Pro – Mobile Cine Camera app info:

FiLMiC Pro turns your smartphone or tablet into a professional cinema camera, enabling you to record videos with the best quality on a device as simple as a smartphone or tablet.

What is FiLMiC Pro?

Currently, cameras equipped on smartphones are becoming more and more modern. Not only saving special daily moments, but most people want beautiful, sparkling frames to share on social networks. FiLMiC Pro will help you do that.

Developed by Cinegeni, FiLMiC Pro is smartphones’ most advanced video camera. The application can support many features while recording, such as portrait orientation, horizontal, and anti-shake.

FiLMiC Pro is favored for its powerful support during recording. At the same time, the smartphone’s default camera can only be recorded in auto mode. Moreover, FiLMiC Pro also allows users to edit live videos while recording. This will save a lot of time.

In addition, you can also directly upload newly filmed videos to social platforms like Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram simply and quickly.

Video recording for Android

FiLMiC Pro allows you to record videos at the highest resolution. With the ability to focus, adjust brightness, standard shooting modes, and manual or noise filter, you will record high-quality videos with your smartphone.

FiLMiC Pro Unlocked app for Android

FiLMiC Pro Unlocked app for Android

There is no doubt when someone recommends you to experience this app. Because in addition to the usual features, it is also integrated with advanced pixel retrieval and self-tuning features. Compared to current editing tools, FiLMiC Pro deserves to be ranked first with the power of that processor.

High-quality video output

FiLMic Pro can meet quality based on the device’s configuration and resolution. The highest video quality is 4K, but you can adjust it to a bit lower, like 2K, 1080p or 720p so as not to overload the processor and memory capacity.

In addition, FiLMiC Pro allows you to intervene further inside the camera. If you are in a regular camera, you will have inconvenience and difficulty if you want to customize the parameters to shoot the movie like that.

In particular, do not forget to set the audio parameters. If you have an external microphone, you can use the stereo system. In other cases, the built-in microphone of your device is activated instead.

Anti-vibration feature

Sometimes, you come across a memorable moment. You rush to use your smartphone or camcorder to save that scene. But your video is shaky, and the image is blurred. That is a pity. You would have got what you wanted if you had a gimbal or a phone with a built-in anti-vibration mode.

But, if you use FiLMic Pro, those problems won’t happen, and you don’t need anything else. The app is anti-shake when you rotate manually, even when you move or tilt the device. You should set the frame to 30 so that anti-shake will work better.

Also, color editing before recording is something FilMic Pro can do. You will use two features, Saturation and Vibrance, to do that. You can also get the color back of the video in seconds. Dark, light colors, or even black and white video recording is no longer difficult, with presets and filters available.

Elegant interface

FiLMic Pro has an optimized and quite lovely interface. The menu is scientifically arranged on the left side of the screen, making it convenient for you to operate while recording.

The color, focus, exposure, and zoom indicators can also be easily adjusted. It would help if you dragged the sliders shown on the screen.

Zebra, Clipping, False Color, and Focus Peaking are the most powerful pixel analyzers for video recording. As a result, your movie/video will be much higher quality without spending too much effort editing afterward. If you still don’t like the app’s default parameters, you can adjust them to better suit your style. The application matrix calculates the white balance level to adjust to external conditions.

Once you’re done, you can easily manage your photos and videos and sync everything to the Cloud to store them securely.

MOD APK version of FiLMic

MOD feature

Unlocked: All premium features have been unlocked.

Download FiLMic Pro MOD APK for Android

FiLMic Pro provides all the tools you need to create professional-quality movies and videos. This app will satisfy all those who love recording video with smartphones.

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Installation Requirements: 7.0
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