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Grim Soul is an open survival MMORPG and dark fantasy. The Plaguelands were an old royal rich region, they are now filled with fear and darkness. Those who lived there became restless souls. You must survive as long as possible on these dangerous lands.

  • Gather resources, build a stronghold, defend against enemies, and survive zombie knights and other monsters in this new Souls game!
  • Builds workshops and create new resources. Explore new plans and create realistic medieval weapons and armor to fight those in the Plaguelands.
  • Build a solid base for your defenses against the undead and other survivors. Defend your castle, build and place traps for unwanted guests. Do not forget to explore enemy territory to collect loot.

Grim Soul Dark Fantasy Survival Mod game offered by Kefir on Google PlayStore with 4.5/5 average users rating and millions of downloads. SoftFry recommends you to play this game on Android Jelly Bean (v4.1) or the latest version with at least quad-core CPU & 2 GB of RAM.

Download Grim Soul Dark Fantasy Survival Mod hacked APK

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