Laser Overload: Mirror Puzzle Mod APK 1.13.9 (Free purchase)

Laser Overload: Mirror Puzzle Mod APK 1.13.9 (Free purchase)

Category: Puzzle
Feel electricity as you rotate mirrors in a grid puzzle game with laser
Name Laser Overload: Mirror Puzzle
Publisher Infinity Games Lda
Version 1.13.9
Compatible with 7.0
Updated May 16, 2023
MOD Free purchases
Size 54.53 MB
Offical Link PlayStore

Seeking a tranquil, mind-recharging puzzle game? Welcome to Laser Overload, the pinnacle of strategic puzzle games designed to help you relax and boost your mental agility.

Dive into an electrifying fusion of puzzle and strategy with Laser Overload. It's your mission to power up the battery by aligning energy sources. Find tranquillity in the challenge, as you twist mirrors and steer beams of electricity.

Laser Overload isn't just another puzzle game; it's a unique blend of simple mechanics and complex problems, providing the perfect calming experience. Test your strategic acumen, problem-solving prowess, and discover tranquillity in every level.

In Laser Overload, each puzzle sparks an immersive, sensation-based experience. Feel the electric thrill as you complete the grid, watch it overload, and let the tension melt away. It's a game that truly illuminates the link between relaxation and accomplishment.

Offering a variety of levels and a meditative atmosphere, Laser Overload allows you to play at your leisure, creating a serene gaming experience to alleviate stress and instil calm. It's your go-to game for bite-sized relaxation or extended zen sessions, stimulating your mind and electrifying your thoughts through an immersive, anti-stress journey.

Here are some enlightening tips:

1. Zap all the stars for bonus coins – can you catch them all?
2. Laser Overload combines serene puzzles with idle gaming. Your progress in the puzzles fuels a city that needs your energy to thrive!
3. Connect as many puzzles as possible to earn coins, enabling you to purchase additional lasers and backgrounds.
4. Spin the daily wheel for bonus rewards.
5. Choose to play offline or online for flexible gaming.
6. Engage haptic feedback and wear headphones for an amplified, immersive experience.
7. What sets Laser Overload apart is its ability to offer both relaxation and competition. Challenge yourself or others to surpass high scores in this uniquely soothing game.

Experience the serene satisfaction of connecting the electric grid in Laser Overload. It's more than a game; it's a joyous, relaxing experience.

Whether you're seeking a fun way to unwind or a challenging strategy game, Laser Overload delivers. With a serene atmosphere and engaging strategy, it's an ideal choice for enthusiasts of calming, strategic, and puzzle games.

Enjoy this captivating puzzle adventure brought to you by Infinity Games, leaders in minimalist, relaxing gameplay. We're excited to continue enhancing your gaming experience with future updates.

Immerse yourself in an electrifying moment with Laser Overload, your go-to calming strategy game.

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Installation Requirements: 7.0
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