Screen Translate APK MOD (Gold Member Unlocked) v3.8.4

Screen Translate APK MOD (Gold Member Unlocked) v3.8.4

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Translate on Screen with One-click real-time screen translation. App translator
Name Screen Translate
Publisher LiChunWei
Version 3.8.4
Compatible with 6.0
Updated Jun 13, 2023
MOD Gold Member Unlocked
Size 148 MB
Offical Link PlayStore

Diversity of languages

To be able to translate any type of text quickly and accurately, Screen Translate is equipped with a wide range of languages like a multilingual dictionary. Along with translating from English to Vietnamese or vice versa, the application also supports translation into many other languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Spanish and many other languages.

All languages in Screen Translate are tested and compiled by leading language experts, the meaning layers are very specific and accurate. You can even translate a long paragraph into another language without losing the main idea of the author.

Translate text on the screen

This feature allows users to convert part or all of the text on the screen into the language they want to translate. Users only need to highlight the text to be translated and select the language they want to translate, and the application will automatically translate it for you. This saves users a lot of time and effort when they are using websites, apps or documents in a foreign language.

If the user wants to know the meaning of a particular word, the Screen Translate application provides an easy word translation feature. Users only need to select the word to be translated and information about the word will appear on the screen. This is a very useful feature for everyone who is learning English or learning English with English learning apps.

Translate from voice

Screen Translate application allows users to translate with their own voice. You can speak into the microphone on your device and the app will translate that sentence into the language you want to translate. This is very useful especially for those who are traveling or want to communicate with foreigners. From time to time, you can use this feature to assist with listening exercises with foreign language subjects.

Another advantage of Screen Translate is the pronunciation feature that allows users to listen and re-pronounce translated words, helping you learn foreign languages more effectively.

Store translation history

Screen Translate application allows users to store a history of translated documents. This helps users manage their translated texts and refer back to them when needed. It’s also a great way to track a user’s progress in learning a new language.

Scan and translate

This is a feature that you will often see in Screen Translate ads on social networks because it is really common in everyday life. With a foreign language text that you do not understand, instead of having to rewrite them, you simply need to scan the text with the camera and the application will automatically detect the language and then translate it into the language you want.

Quick search for dictionaries and phrases

If users want to learn more about a specific word or phrase, the Screen Translate app allows them to search for that dictionary and phrase right within Screen Translate. This makes it easy for users to access the information they need to better understand the text they’re reading. You can even search for proverbs, slang and many other dialects that only native speakers will understand. This is a versatile feature that you can use in many difficult cases.


Screen Translate allows users to translate text quickly and easily by selecting the area to be translated and switching the translation language. This saves time and improves work efficiency. With Screen Translate’s simple and intuitive interface, the features in the application are very accessible and convenient for even inexperienced beginners. Although there are many features, with clear, easy-to-understand icons, you will quickly choose the feature you need.

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Installation Requirements: 6.0
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