The Journey of Grace Mod APK 1.0.11

The Journey of Grace Mod APK 1.0.11

Category: Adventure
The Journey of Grace will teach players about God's great grace.
Name The Journey of Grace
Publisher The Journey of Grace
Version 1.0.11
Compatible with 5.1
Updated Jun 22, 2023
MOD The game is in the test stage, in order to optimize your test experience and remove advertising in the game
Size 645.12 MB
Offical Link PlayStore

Grace is about to attend her first day of school in a new place, and she's unsure of the journey that lies before her. She is full of questions and worries. That's when Grace's mother tells her the story of her name.

The Journey of Grace will teach participants about God's great grace through the story of a treacherous trek through a dense forest, up a jagged mountain, and through the darkness on the other side. Along the way, you'll meet a cast of grace-filled creatures who remind us of God's prevenient, saving, and sanctifying grace.

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Installation Requirements: 5.1
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